About Robin Masson

About Robin Masson

About Robin Masson Mediator Santa Barbara

I am passionate about mediation because it works.  Not only does it cost less than going to court, but you, the clients, are in control of the process and the outcome.  You engage in constructive problem-solving that maximizes each person's satisfaction.  Mediation is private and confidential.  And it honors relationships among family members, in the community, and among business associates.

I am a former litigation attorney and, despite my best efforts to resolve matters amicably, I also had the painful experience of having to sue my former law partner to enforce our partnership agreement. So, I know, first-hand, just how disempowering, expensive, and time consuming it can be to resolve conflict through the courts. And I also know how limited the options available in court are. So, I transitioned from “gladiator” to “facilitator,” and I have spent the last 25 years as a mediator, helping clients to resolve their disputes with creative solutions that give each person more of what’s important to him/her, while tailoring the result to the unique needs of the parties.


As a financial planner with a focus on trust and estate planning, I find that clients I have referred to Robin are very satisfied with her ability to listen and develop plans that meet their needs. This together with prompt action on their documents allows me to give a very strong recommendation for her.
Robert Jewell, Trust Officer
Community Bank, N.A.

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