Who We Serve


  • Individuals

    • Individuals Divorcing Or Separating

    • Individuals Planning To Marry (Prenuptial)

    • People Cohabitating

    • Family Conflicts With Care of Parents

    • Partners Forming A New Business

    • Partners Dissolving A Businesses

    • Conflicts with Neighbors Or Landlords

    • Conflicts with Vendors Or Professional Service Providers

    • Employee Conflicts

    • Business Owners

    • Chiropractors

    • Doctors

    • Businessowners

    • Medical Professionals

    • Teachers

    • Real Estate Agents

    • Nursing Homes 

  • Referrals from Professionals

    • Therapists

    • Lawyers

    • Accountants

    • Financial Advisors

    • HR Directors

    • Assisted Living/Elder Care Institutions

    • Hair Stylists

    • Massage Therapists

    • Homeowner Associations

    • Chiropractors

    • Doctors

    • Businessowners

    • Medical Professionals

    • Teachers

    • Real Estate Agents

    • Nursing Homes



The Delta Chi Fraternity at Cornell, and I, personally, have used Ms. Masson's services for a variety of situations over the past decade. We have always been impressed with the professional nature of her advice and the timeliness of the response. We would certainly recommend her services to anyone who needs them.
David Weber, Retired

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