Cohabitation Mediation Santa Barbara

Cohabitation Mediation

An increasing number of couples are choosing to live together without getting married. What they may not think about is what consequences flow from the very act of cohabiting, and the difficulties that can arise if the couple breaks up or one partner dies: who keeps the house or apartment if you split; how does the property get divided; will the survivor inherit anything if a partner dies, or will it all go to the dead partner’s family; if one partner has stayed out of the workforce to care for children or the other partner, will there be any support if they split; etc.

Couples Living Together

Cohabitation Mediation for Couples Living together in Santa Barbara

I have extensive experience working with gay, lesbian, and straight couples who choose to live together without marriage, or who are unable to be married. I help clients arrive at agreements that will give them the protections that the law does not otherwise provide. When domestic partners separate, I can assist them to sort out those same issues and the legal consequences of their separation.


Robin provided a very no nonsense approach to the sticky business of Divorce, for my ex-husband and Me. She understood that we got along well enough to discuss the custody of our three children---on OUR own terms. She navigated our differences regarding our Home​ so that we had a flexible and comfortable agreement for selling a home which we had built ourselves. She really heard our nuanced desires, and how we envisioned ourselves in the future.

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