Mediation for Neighbor Disputes

Mediation is particularly suited for resolving conflict among neighbors, since it is designed to address all aspects of a problem, including the interpersonal issues that a court would not be able to address. There may be underlying reasons for the conflict which, if resolved, will make for better relations between neighbors in the long run. Issues that can be mediated include boundary lines, nuisance noises or odors, violations of neighborhood covenants and conditions, encroachments, etc.  If a court were to declare one neighbor the “winner”, that might solve the surface problem, but could worsen long-term relations. In mediation, people can get creative about meeting as many of every person’s needs as possible so that everyone gets more of what is important to him/her.


Robin provided a very no nonsense approach to the sticky business of Divorce, for my ex-husband and Me. She understood that we got along well enough to discuss the custody of our three children---on OUR own terms. She navigated our differences regarding our Home​ so that we had a flexible and comfortable agreement for selling a home which we had built ourselves. She really heard our nuanced desires, and how we envisioned ourselves in the future.

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