Business Disputes Resolution Santa Barbara

Business Disputes Resolution

As a mediator, I help business partners work out the terms of a partnership agreement that outlines decision-making authority, investment responsibilities, buy-out options, bringing new investors or partners, and any other issues necessary to assure the smooth running of a business. I also help business partners resolve conflicts that may be getting in the way of a successful enterprise. And if there is a need to dissolve the business, I will work with the partners to come up with a plan to divide up the business assets and liabilities and establish responsibility for winding up the business’s affairs.

I also work with businesses to resolve conflicts with vendors, customers, landlords, and others, to help them avoid the cost and time involved in going to court, to produce mutually satisfying resolutions, and to preserve the ability to continue those relationships.  

With mediation, all of these issues are resolved privately, so the public is not privy to your trade secrets, vulnerabilities, or "dirty laundry."


Robin is smart and knows the law and also listens to you and acts on your goals. She is professional, personable, and holds her ground in a non-confrontational manner. I enjoyed working with her and highly recommend her.
Micheline Zion, Purchasing Analyst
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