Parenting Plan Mediation Santa Barbara

Parenting Plan Mediation

The goal of parenting plan (custody) mediation is to enable parents to continue to raise their children, free of conflict, even when they are not living in the same household. Rather than spend time and energy gathering evidence on everything that’s wrong with the other parent, with my help, parents will work together to craft a plan to raise their children into healthy productive adults. Among the issues that will be decided by the parents are: the “schedule” for when the children will be with which parent; where the children will spend holidays and vacations; how often the children will see grandparents and extended family; who will make decisions concerning religious upbringing, medical care, and education; when and how new romantic partners will be introduced to the children; and any other issue that is important to the parents.

Rather than have the courts impose a decision on the family, the parents get to decide what is best for them and their children. If they want, before the case is settled, the parents can try out different schedules to see how they and the children adapt to them, without having them written in stone, so that by the end, they can reach an agreement that works for everyone. If there is already a custody arrangement in place and it isn't working well for the children or the parents, I can mediate a modification of the arrangement to suit the changing needs of the family.  If the family is working with a therapist for the adults or the children, I will be happy to include the therapist’s input into the discussions, if the parents so desire.

By using mediation to resolve these issues, the parents can shield the children from confict.  And the resulting plan can be presented to the children by the parents with a united front, as something that they decided together in the best interests of the children.  Studies have shown that, where the parents agree on a parenting plan, there is a greater likelihood that the plan will be adhered to by the parents, saving precious time, energy, and money on court enforcement actions.


The Delta Chi Fraternity at Cornell, and I, personally, have used Ms. Masson's services for a variety of situations over the past decade. We have always been impressed with the professional nature of her advice and the timeliness of the response. We would certainly recommend her services to anyone who needs them.
David Weber, Retired

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