Workplace Conflict Resolution

Nothing challenges the success of a workplace team more than conflict within the team. Time and energy spent fighting can seriously impact a business’s productivity, reputation, and bottom line. Mediation allows employees and team members to have input into how problems are resolved so that they feel empowered and invested in the success of the resulting arrangement.

Using mediation as a first step in resolving harassment complaints can be effective, especially where there are misunderstandings about appropriate behavior, miscommunication, or cultural differences. Human Resources directors have found that calling in a mediator before resorting to disciplinary action or legal action can be an efficient, cost-effective, and successful way to address conflict in the workplace. As a confidential, voluntary process, issues can be resolved quickly, privately, and respectfully. At your office or mine, I can help you resolve those conflicts and enable everyone to get back to work. For more about workplace mediation, see .


I have referred many clients to Robin Masson over the years. She is very skilled as a mediator and brings an impressive amount of experience, insight, and dedication to her work. She is sensitive to the needs of each set of mediation clients and tailors each mediation to allow for maximum progress. Her completed agreements are well written and easy for clients to understand. Robin is a mediator you can count on to provide an organized and respectful atmosphere for working through conflict.
Erin E. McKinley, Esq.
Lawyer & Mediator

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