Child Support Mediation Santa Barbara

Child Support Mediation

Children are financially dependent on their parents, and (with a few exceptions) parents are required to support their children until they reach the age of 18. California has a complicated formula for child support, which may or may not meet the actual needs of the parents and the children.

In mediation, the parents decide for themselves the best way to meet their children’s needs, which might include such creative ideas as: a joint “children’s account” that can be accessed by both parents; dividing responsibility for certain expenses; sharing certain expenses in agreed proportions; and many others that would not be possible if the parties were in court. With the help of a mediator, parents can also resolve other issues that a court wouldn't address and which might otherwise be contentious later on, such as how to pay for college or vocational training, weddings, extracurricular activities, etc. And by staying out of court, the parties will have more money left to use for themselves and their children.

Studies have shown that when parents resolve child support issues out of court, on consent of both parties, there is greater compliance with the resulting agreement. This means that the parents don't have to worry about how their children's needs will, in fact, be met, or whether the other parent is holding up his/her end of the bargain.  Money not spent in court trying to enforce agreements is more money available for the parents and the children.


Robin has helped me with personal legal matters ranging from adoption to real estate transactions over the last 6 years. I was impressed with her depth of knowledge and experience in the range of legal matters we worked with her on. I felt confident that Robin was not only giving us top notch legal advice but was also steering us towards options that worked for our family and made the process less stressful, while being efficient at the same time.
Michael Blakely-Armitage, Administrator
Ithaca Youth Bureau

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