Divorce Mediation Santa Barbara

Divorce Mediation

The decision to end a marriage is not made lightly, and often follows a long period of unhappiness and conflict. There are numerous issues that need to be resolved, including:  dividing property, who is responsible for which debts, how each adult and child is going to be supported, how the children will be parented, and where the family pets go.

By choosing litigation to end a marriage, spouses are likely in for another year or more of fighting, not to mention tens of thousands of dollars spent on lawyers, only to have the case eventually settle without going to trial (many cases settle, literally, the night before the trial is to begin). Why not, instead, choose to resolve the matter with mediation, a process that is designed for efficient settlement from Day 1?

As a mediator, I can help divorcing couples determine what information needs to be gathered, and will guide the discussion of all topics in a productive and respectful manner. Using interest-based negotiation techniques, I help the parties move beyond the “zero sum game” to enlarge the pie so that each person is able to get more of what is important to him/her, rather than fighting over a limited number of conventional options available in litigation. The result is an outcome that is completely tailored to the needs of the adults and children in the family.

The pace of the process and the agenda for each meeting are determined by the clients, not the court or attorneys’ calendars. Clients may choose to have their attorneys present during mediation, or to obtain their legal advice outside of the mediation room. If additional expertise is needed, such as property appraisals or tax advice, Robin will work with other professionals so that, in the end, everyone is able to make fully informed decisions on an agreement that will stand the test of time.


In multiple commercial real estate transactions where Robin and I shared clients but in different capacities, I found her to be thorough, thoughtful, professional, and anticipatory in every instance. I do not hesitate to either work with or recommend Robin.
Stephen Lipinski, President
Stephen Lipinski Associates, LLC

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