Elder Care Mediation

Elder Care Mediation

As baby boomers and millennials and their parents age, they confront new challenges and changes in relationships. Often the old family dynamics lead to conflict within or across generations concerning the care of the aging parents. If the aging parents are on their second marriages, there may be conflict between a step parent and step children or among step-siblings. Add daughters-in-law and sons-in law into the mix, and the situation can be fraught with discord and stress for all concerned.

Mediation is an effective alternative to litigation resolve the matter without the lengthy, expensive legal process that wastes estate assets and exacerbates the grief and pain of loss. I am able to meet with families, either in my office or at the family home, bringing in distant family members by Skype ® or phone, to facilitate these difficult conversations to help everyone work through the issues in a respectful, caring way to achieve resolution and a plan for action.


Robin is a skilled attorney and mediator who is active in her collaborative law community and always furthering her experience and training. She uses care and compassion in her work and I would recommend her to clients.
Kathleen Gleeson, Attorney
Kerker & Gleeson, PC

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